Menopause query (not MS)

A query to those who have been through it!

I’m 52 and up until this year my cycle has always been about 24 days. Then there was a 6 week wait, followed by another one 11 days later!!! I was rather annoyed that one came so soon.

Since then I’ve not had what I would call a proper period. I’ve had occasional spotting, and sometimes a very faint stain after I’ve wiped myself. This has usually been for a day for maybe 2 or 3 weeks. Then nothing for 3 or 4 weeks.

I’m assuming it’s my age but am wondering if it should be checked out. Does it sound familiar to any body else’s experience?

Thanks, in advance.

Oh yes, once it starts going all over the place, it keeps doing it for months, even a few years. Nothing to worry about, it’s just nature doing what nature does. See your gp if you have any unwanted symptoms along with it but I just looked forward to years of monthly pain being over at last!



i had exactly the same happen but i was only 42 at the time.

it really didn’t bother me as that unwelcome monthly visitor was a pain in the arse.

i had a blood test done by the practice nurse at my GPs.

it showed that i was perimenopausal.

Yeah I am going through a similar thing - I have only just had a period after having nothing since June. Last year my hormones completely mucked me around - I kept getting hot flashes and warm skin. It exacerbated my MS symptoms for a while but I now use magnet therapy (ladycare)- I was not expecting it to work but I feel much calmer inside so I would definitely recommend it if you are experiencing any other uncomfortable menopausal symptoms - it does not work for everyone they say about 70 something % of women who try it find it helps and you need to wear it for a month before you know for sure if it is helping. It did not work for my friend unfortunately but I would not be without it now. I kind of felt I was all out of kilter inside but it just seems to have totally calmed everything down. A work colleague told me about it as I never heard of it before.

I think I’ve been incredibly lucky. My last period was over 3 years ago, after random times, up to about 3 months apart for a couple of years. I’ve never had any other menopausal symptoms. Mind you, sometimes my OH would probably say I’m a moaning, whinging witch anyway, so maybe the menopause just snuck in under the radar.

I really do realise how very lucky I’ve been.


It’s been sooo much better since finishing-ish the menopause, awful times with menopause and ms.

That is good to know - I have definitely got worse since starting the menopause - everything seems exacerbated - especially last year when I was very hormonal - to know it might get better once this is all over is very good news - just got to hang in there for a couple of years. :slight_smile: