Menopause and ms

Hi I would love to hear from any ladies coping with ms and the menopause and even pmt .Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

hi dawn

i’m too old for such biological nightmares!

silver linings.

however my tecfidera gives me the occasional hot flush and it’s not pleasant at all.

relaxation techniques would help.

running your wrists under cold water too.

carole x

I’m 66 and have had hot flushes for over 10 years since I stopped HRT which was prescribed for flushes when I was 47. I was diagnosed with PPMS in October 2017 and I’m beginning to think the menopausal hot flushes have merged with ms ones!

I am (so far) super lucky. Periods stopped a couple of years ago, I have no symptoms except nearly every night, I have a gin or a glass of wine (oops, that gives me away) and simultaneously have a bit of a hot flush. Don’t know how much is due to the menopause, or whether I’ve just reached a stage in life where ones first alcoholic drink makes me flushed. Subsequent drinks don’t do that. I’m off on holiday in just over a week, so am bound to drink the odd glass or two on the occasional lunchtime (I believe it’s the law on holiday!) so will be testing out the theory. Oh and I’m 51.


Thank you so much for your reply xx

Thank you for your reply, what is ppms . Also I didn’t realise hot flushes were yet another symptom of ms .xx

PPMS is Primary Progressive MS. It means I don’t have relapses and remissions there is just a gradual deterioration. However, with the help of a marvellous neuro physio, I have actually seen improvement, not deterioration in the last 7 months.

I’m not absolutely certain but I think hot flushes can be a MS symptom.

I’ve got to the stage where I can usually just continue through the flushes taking off a jersey or getting more air.

Hope you find your own way of coping.

I was dx with SPMS 9 years ago and at the same time as going through the menopause. The symptoms just seemed to merge. I was very weepy but had no flushing of which I’m entirely grateful for as that can be awful. Really don’t know which symptoms belonged to which condition.

I presume after 9 years I must be through it.

In the last two years I have lost over 2 stones, which has been a big help.

Mags xx