Meningitis in work place - should I work from home?

Hi all

Hope you are all having a ‘good’ day !! or at least as good a day as possible !!

So at work two of the lovely ladies have gone off with meningitis , I have no idea which strand, the site guys came round and cleaned my office extra this morning because of it.

I don’t work directly with them, just in the same building, I do however stand and have conversations use the kitchen cups etc

Obviously my thoughts are with them busy wishing them a full recovery quickly !

I can’t help but wonder should I work from home a bit would it matter if I contracted it as I have ms

Tried calling the nurses unfortunately no answer so I am hoping some advice may be sought here

Love to you all

FB xx

Work from home baby!!! Your immune system is already compromised!!! Keep well! xxx

Thank you Tracey !! My sentiments exactly …

Do you come here often ?? hahaha x

No,not often, I have joined for sensible & sophisticated conversation with sane, like minded people, now, get home missus, asap!!! (banana & tea waiting) xxx