memory problems, dizziness and muscle cramps

Hello everyone. I am still in limbo - have been for quite a while and first went to GP with significant balance problems which have continued to deteriorate.

Now I find I am plagued by dizziness and forgetfulness at both home and work - I have made a serious mistake at work due to my memory being so bad. I can’t seem to think straight or organise myself. I have also experienced some pretty awful leg cramps - up to 5 times a night.

I don’t want to tell them at work I have problems otherwise I might get the push but I don’t want them to think I am incompetent either.

Has anyone ever mentioned this sort of thing to their employers whilst still in limbo and are there any tips for helping me to remember better. Does anyone else out there - diagnosed or not, get these symptoms. I know I have to push my GP again but also don’t want to waste his time either. Don’t really know what to do, can someone out there help me?



Hi humpy, I would also have cognitive issues and some days memory shot to pieces. I make lists in work and tick things off as I do them, sounds simple but it works. I would hold off telling employers for now, try the lists and see if they help. Employers may be understanding but also May sideline you if they think you have a problem. Regards, Ann

Hi Ann

Thank you so much for replying to my post. Your support has come just in time as I have a meeting tomorrow with my boss in which my mistakes will be discussed. Absolutely bricking it. Wish me luck


Hi Humpty, I also get dizziness, forgetfulness and occassional muscle cramps (among a list of other things). I was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder in January, though that’s an umbrella term as all my tests came back ‘clear’ or ‘within normal limits’ and I still suspect MS. Try looking up memory games online. I found one that suits me - just a Simple Simon pattern sequence game (Steam Simon). I can pick it up anytime and play for short periods. I notice how my memory can fluctuate but I do seem to be getting better! As for the dizziness…I finally got myself a walking stick after having tripped over a few times! My GP tried some medication to improve blood circulation in the inner ear but when that didn’t work, it was put down to a neurological malfunction. I believe that magnesium is good for relieving muscle cramps but do talk to your GP. The best advice I wss given was to keep a symptom diary. If it gets long, you can summarise it (what the symptom is, when it appeared, how long it lasts). I do hope your meeting went alright. All the best!

Hi Reikiblossom

Thank you so much for your post. We are experiencing very similar problems. I have heard of Functional Neurological Disorder but didn’t know too much about it. I took your advice on the brain training - I have already found a good website and also signed up for a memory tips newsletter too.

Luckily the dreaded meeting wasn’t too bad - I had 2 colleagues that helped me correct a big problem today - got it done in the nick of time but making bad errors really shakes you up. I didn’t sleep much last night worrying about it but I will sleep better tonight. Thank you for taking the time to wish me luck with it.

Hope you get things sorted out with your symptoms soon.

Take care