Memory lost question

I suffer with short term loss of memory. This morning I badly had a loss of long term memory. When I got up I was convinced it was SUNDAY until mife got up and said it was Friday. I was going to my Church meeting this evening. Any remarks please.

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Yes, I’ve had to ‘struggle’ with it (I think) - when you actually question people, they either ‘don’t care’ or are sympathetic to it. Last night, I woke early, thinking that I was still on holiday in Lanzarote (which I actually came home from on Wednesday). If necessary, you have to question your ‘thoughts’ or you ‘just don’t give a damn!’

Good luck,


Hi Derek,

If it’s just the once, I don’t think getting mixed up about which day of the week it is is SUCH an uncommon occurrence, and I don’t think it’s even necessarily to do with MS.

I’ve been mixed up about it all week, because I had a day off Monday, so I thought Tuesday was Monday, and Wednesday was Tuesday, and so on, all the way through the week (which was good, as I got to Friday a day early!)

I think it’s more easily done for people who don’t work (don’t know if that’s true of you). If most days are pretty similar, and it’s only church once a week that distinguishes, I should think it would be much easier to lose track of where you are in the week.


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although still undiagnosed i suffer with memory problems quite badly now and my work colleagues are picking up on it too, although they’ve been really good about i have forgotten to go to work twice and can never remember who’s worked what day and how many hours they worked for and im the one who does all the rotas!

whenever people ask how many grandchildren i have i always have to count them because i dont know the answer off the top of my head. (ive got 6)

i can take my medication and then cant remember if i have so either overdose or underdose on them.

off the top of my head i couldnt tell you how old 2 of my 3 children are, i think i only remember the 3rd because she still lives at home so its kind of a constant reminder.!

i can never win an argument as i seriously cant remember my self defence.

the worst part of it is the way i look really stupid with strangers because i struggle to remember things and come across as being an idiot especially as im the manager of shop and i should know the answers to simple questions

i think i just wanted to let you know that you’re not on your own and offer some support.

best wishes

mandy xx

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Morning, I’ve had recent memory loss, have had a urine infection, yet again & wonder if all connected, I am also getting very tearful quite easily

Dear Mandy,

thank you so much for your words to show we are not alone with this memory problem…I feel for you, my grandson was 6 yesterday & I have to rely on family members to remind me of my youngest grandsons age…

it is debilitating, more frustrating and many times I find myself in floods of tears…

i am getting recurrent urine infections to so probably all inter connected ??

take care all …xXx

Hi Y’all

I have had terrible trouble keeping up with anything hubby watches on the telly. For example I start watching a film and within minutes haven’ got a clue what has happened from the beginning.

Shazzie xxx

I don’t know if it’s happening to other readers out there, but I am getting fed up with my failure to retain the memory of the books I’ve read in the last couple of years. Today I started book 2 of a series; earlier this year I read book one of the series and I know I’d liked it, but started book two and had virtually no memory of book one! I’m having to re-read book one! It keeps on happening. I’ve started subscribing to Amazons’ ‘Unlimited’ Kindle library service and have just had to start a spreadsheet of what I’ve borrowed and whether I finished it and/or liked it. At least with kindle books I’ve bought I can check back, in fact Amazon tells me I already own books. Otherwise, I’m starting the same book several times over because I’ve no idea what I thought of it. I understand there’s some cognitive problem in my brain, but why do I retain a load of useless stuff (like the words to Bay City Rollers songs from when I was 7!) and fail to remember the plot of a book I read and liked.

For someone who’s read a lot all my life, it’s driving me crackers.


There are nearly as many theories of memory as there are causes of MS, Derek. I say that as someone who used to lecture on the subject.

Short term loss is a bit like “Where did I put my car keys?”
Long term loss is a bit like " When did the Beatles break up?"

And there is a separate problem which is a slow retrieval rate when what you want is in long term memory, and it can take several second to get the data up into “working memory?”. And when I say several seconds, I mean anywhere from 30 to 300+.

There is a theory called the “Memory Trace”. That is, that an item of information is encoded in the brain cells along a path or trace and that if the path is damaged, that the brain can (and I do mean CAN) reroute round the damage. An Amareican scientist - Herb Simon - that I have great respect for, did some studies that suggest it takes about 8-12 second for something to get from working short term memory into long term. This is the logic behind repeatedly handwriting lists before you see a consultant (you slow things down), or students writing model answers to exam questions.

Of course, my slow retrieval (it took me nearly a minute to recall Herb Simon’s name) could be down to my MS, ot just old age.


I do have memory problems, but it was suggested by a counsellor that this may not always be MS related. They come and go, and if I think on them too much I get anxious and the correct information never comes to light. Once I was on the phone and asked to give my own phone number for a call back and for life of me could not remember own phone number. Another time could not find car keys for love nor money and found them in drawer I never use! It does upset me, especially as am only 37, but I try to put it within the larger picture of life.