Memory, concentration and rationisation


i just wondered if anyone else has found that their memory is going and concentration is pants. I know I’m much worse when I’m tired and I take amantadine to help. Not sure that it’s working at the moment. I’m finding that problem solving is a problem in its self and the more I try to work things out the more confused I get.

I don’t know if this is the pregabalin I take that is making me like this or the ms or something else.

I so miss being able to read and study things

if anyone has found similar and worked out what has helped please tell me

many thanks


There is definitely a connection between MS and cognitive problems. I think there’s an MS Trust booklet about it.

I have fairly mild cognitive problems, instead of being able to do several things simultaneously (ie multitask), I now have to focus on what I’m doing and do only that. This even includes walking. So if I’m typing a post on here for instance, and my OH asks or tells me something, I just can’t understand what he’s said. It drives him crazy. We now have a saying in our house that ‘only men can multitask’. Sadly, in this house it’s true.

I’ve always been a reader, I have to have a book on the go and read fairly widely and voraciously. But I now find that I just don’t remember the plot of a book that I read a couple of years ago. And this happens again and again. On the one hand it saves me money as I can re-read the same books, but it’s very annoying, to know that I’ve read the first two novels in a series (and liked them enough to put the author in a watch list on the kindle price drop tracker); start a new book and know I’ve read the previous two but have absolutely no memory of them. I’ve just had this happen yet again, started a book, read a quarter of it, then realised some of the characters were in the authors previous novel which I read 3 years ago. I re-read the first book and was stunned by not remembering a good 80% of the book. I had a basic memory of a couple of the characters, but didn’t know what was going to happen, didn’t see the plot twists and was honestly surprised by the ending. This has crept up on me over the past few years and is the biggest indicator of the cognitive difference in me. I can still remember the plots of books I read as a young woman, even as a child. I can even continue reading a series if the characters are firmly in my head from before the memory problems began. It’s just new books. I’m still continuing to read though, it’s what I’ve done all my life, and at least it costs less this way.

I think problem solving is less of an issue, mostly perhaps because I don’t have to do so much of it these days! I certainly worry more about things that I’ll have to deal with in the future (such as the dreaded change from DLA to PIP).

I’m sorry I don’t have any solutions, apart from keeping lists, reminders, keeping a diary (mostly for health related things) as well as a calendar. Owning a smart phone is one of the most brilliant aides to the memory challenged, I use it for everything.


‘‘i just wondered if anyone else has found that their memory is going and concentration is pants.’’

Oh yes!

It’s causing BIG problems at work as I have to make decisions inline with government regulations that change frequently - I forget what has changed, what they’ve changed to and what the procedure is now. I get distracted if someone near me is talking, then cannot remember what I was doing. Complete nightmare and my stats are plummeting. Not sure how long I can continue but I do have a good line manager.

Best of luck - you are not alone!

Thanks for the replies. Do you take pregabalin or any thing else to help with neuropathic pain. I too find if anyone is talking near me I can’t concentrate. I’m forever turning the radio off at work so that I can add up the totals and if someone talks to me when I’m doing something I won’t hear a word that they have said.

i can make my. mind go completely blank now so meditation should be easier, the only problem is it that I don’t get to choose when this happens. Usually when I go shopping and I haven’t a clue why I’ve gone in to a shop.

hope you keep well


Sorry, no helpful advice I’m afraid - but you’re certainly not on your own! I can relate to the lack of memory and concentration thing; I’m not using the same drugs as you (I use Rebif, a beta-inteferon), so I’d be inclined to just put it down to the MS. Post-It notes are my friends! And when I get tired, and go into ‘Stupid O’clock’ time (afternoons mostly as the fatigue kicks in) I am getting the hang of saying ‘Right, that’s it, I have to stop now before I make a hash of things and while I’m still fit to get myself home’. My MS Nurse suggested a dictaphone or messages on my mobile, and I write everything down in my diary which I carry everywhere - only way to be sure of stuff. Frustrates the hell out of me!

Fracastorius (Jane )

I’m sorry, I have no helpful advice either. I read on the wonderful Bart’s Blogspot that if you are having cognitive problems, then more work and pressure will make things worse.

The one thing that I know does help, is Modafinal. I need to see my neuro to see if I can try this drug, which helps with cognitive fatigue. I don’t know how to easy it will be to get a prescription, as it has been abused by people who don’t have cognitive problems, students studying for finals, pilots and professional drivers.

I’m having a lot of problems.My husband shouts at me and tells me that I have to concentrate. I have tried to explain, but he has no patience on one of his bad days. I walk away now and it seems to shake him out of his “you’re not listening” mood. Funny, it’s the other way around. Not funny really.

No medication yet -still awaiting the final diagnosis - appointment next month. Not sure what, if anything, can be done. Strange - 5 years ago I graduated from the Open University. Now I can’t hold things in my brain for any length of time.