Memory and works response

This is another one of those which makes me laugh, but actually only really re-itterates quite how little the place that employs me cares or wants to understand about the problems us normal folks have to deal with. :smiley:

So I work for a very well known financial establishment here in the UK, in a very important specialist telephonony department. Important for customers much more than for the business.

As staff we used to be able to follow a rough check sheet, if not a guide, of all the important things that we had to remember on each call. Now trust me there’s a lot, If I had to estimate, there’s at least sixty highly important things that we have to keep in our head at all times. Maybe not excessive, but you have to remember all of those things when conversations can go in any direction, and you’re rated on how fast you can handle each call. Oh, and it’s almost all legal requirements. If you miss anything then the company can be severely penalised.

So managment have decided to stop staff from being allowed to use a ticksheet AND to not make the essential things you have to remember available on the system. No. You have to remember them all.

I expressed to a member of managment that everyone has different memories and that I (and other staff) were of the opinion that we were being ‘set up to fail’. I expressed that I did not believe that the change was either fair, or in accordance with disability law and surely that the ‘important information to remember’ should be available to all staff during each call.

I used myself as an example; That when I’m bad, I can’t even remember where I started my sentence, let alone the long list of legal obligations.

The response I received can be summed up as it’s not going to change, but included wonderful sentence:

“…If anyone has a disability, they can arrange for extra training”

Oh, bless you darling. I don’t feel that it’s me that’s the one requiring extra training here. You don’t appear to realise that another way to phrase that is:

“People with disabilities. They’re only not doing stuff because they don’t know how.”

“Memory problems, they’ll go away with a little coaching”

“You may think you’re disabled, but we can train you to work right!”

I’m tempted to get the first phrase as a t-shirt. :smiley:

Anyway, much as I really don’t want to join a union, or talk to someone legal about this, it’s just getting to the point of taking the mickey a little bit much.

Much love!

Oh, and posting anonymously, because my employer goes so far as to stalk my usage of social media, and even though I never include the name of the company; I have never broken nor come close to breaking any of the employers policies, try to never have anyway to link it back to the company; everything I ever do online gets printed, copied and filed away in a folder against me.

Hmmmmm…So you have freely admitted to me that I haven’t done anything wrong here, I haven’t broken any of your own rules, however you’re still are going to bully me into silence and are going to make me feel like a criminal, just for venting my frustrations at how blatantly unfair you’ve been treating me?

Well now that I’m risking venting, I just want to get more out, bwuahahahaha, can’t stop me now! Here I go!!

If I was off work for any reason (ie a relapse) it was impossible to meet all the targets. So if for example, I was ill for two weeks, I would be shown as underperforming for the next three months .

Surely that was ok, as I could get my performance overridden by managment?

Only there was no set method for overriding my perceived failure, and each manager made decisions based on their own personality or fleeting mood. Even though I have been (In retrospect) informed that the department has a policy for overriding results, after having asked on multiple occasions I still haven’t received a copy of it.

After months of trying to push hard against managment to get them to understand the issue, they finally decided to change the targets for everyone.

After further weeks of fighting hard, I eventually got one manager to verbally acknowledge that the targets had been impossible for anyone suffering from intermittent absence.

I was then basically told to ‘move on’ as the impossible targets were now ‘in the past’

By this point I had been fighting so hard for the best part of a year and had been wound up so much, I was stressed and highly anxious. I knew I should be capable of doing my job. I wanted to be able to do it but was being told I was failing. I wanted to be there, surely I could do it? Only I was holding my breath without knowing why. The slightest thing set me off and resulted in me tearing colleagues to pieces or sobbing in a toilet cubicle. (Six months later and I’m in a much better place mentally. Wonderful medication for the depression and anxiety :D)

I am unable to contact the HR department. My emails get returned due to ‘no response’. It didn’t seem I could contact them by phone as I was initially failing the telephone security process, just so I could talk to someone, as no-one had kept me informed me that my job had been regraded. I wanted to send them a letter as I though it less stressful for myself, then when I last time spoke to them I was informed straight out that I couldn’t have an address, that I had to send anything through my manager.

At the time I was also informed to ‘go through the union’ , as if I do not have a leg to stand on or I’m not worth anything unless backed by a mob. I feel they should be doing the right thing, regardless of whether it’s an individual or a group pointing out an issue.

On returning to work (two weeks ago) I discovered that the two letters I had sent to HR, along with the two letters written on my behalf by my partner and sister. Were sitting in the middle of my colleague file. Having got nowhere near HR or even by the look of them even having been read.

Apparently due to the nature of my health history I have a ‘case worker’ at work. But I’m not allowed to contact them, they’re just their for managment support.

Though I’d always been of the opinion that my employer is surely looking out for me, I have now been pursuaded to ‘go to war’. My next steps shall be to contact any union. To contact the number on legal advice given to me by my wonderful MS nurse. I have files full of contact I’ve made and that they’ve made. Lists of idiotic mistakes on their part.

For example the letter I recieved dated 15/12/13: “Your pay will go down to nill with effect from 01/12/13” (Two weeks ago you mean? Thanks for the heads up guys.) No-one I can speak to for days, finally “just a mistake” you’ll be paid as normal. Never any apology. :slight_smile:

Now I’m back to work and happier, I’m enjoying it. The new targets are grand. I don’t want to leave my job, I don’t want anything other than that those in the company who fail to think things through, get “extra training”

Oh, and more than two months after asking for them, a copy of the guidance on target adjustment would be nice. Along with the company disability policy, and any-way to speak to a member of HR would be perfect.

Not angry or bitter, just like the MS itself, finding it a tad on the dark humour side at times.

I’ve learned a lot from this disease. To be patient, as everything changes or gets resolved at it’s own pace. To find the bright side of things. That surprise changes, whether they are physical changes or lifestyle changes, doesn’t mean the universe is going to end. That everyone is just fumbling around in the dark making stuff up, and that can be ok.

I could ramble on. But I probably ought to sleep before I run out of spoons.

Many random hugs from a random internet stranger.

Remember. You’re a wonderful person. <3

Thought not though. There not their. Next time I really should edit myself