Meltdown at appointment


Yesterday I had appointment with rehabilitation Dr. When I was asked what bothered me most I told her about stopping breathing when asleep. I then broke down in tears and lost my thread. I am always uptight at appointments due to not been listened to in the past and traumatic route to diagnosis.

Almost two years ago this Dr made a referral for me to see a neuropsychologist due to memory and cognitive issues. I have still not heard back from them and all she had to say was they have a shortage of neuros in this area.

Also in 2016 I had tests for both bladder and bowel urgency and have not had a report on my bowel issues. The doctor could not find the report on the system either.

My frustration is that because I have to bring up past issues like my bowel test ect I am never able to fully explain my present concerns. I become very emotional and my thoughts become irrational which affects the me for several days to come.

I just do t know what to do. I feel I have no support for my ms.

I avoid appointments now and only kept this one to keep in the loop.

Thanks for reading.


Oh Christine, how I feel for you.

Can you write it all down?

I printed off a summary of my symptoms and experiences and gave it to my neurologist at my last appointment and he included it in my notes.

If you took 2 copies, one for you and one for Dr, highlighting the issues which are most important to you on both copies maybe that would help a bit?

Best wishes

Grandma x


take someone with you to prompt you about important points and to help you remember what was said.

you can self refer to the bladder and bowel clinic or your GP will do it for you.

so you WILL attend future appointments.

these people are working for you!

refuse to be intimidated.

if you feel you have been treated badly or in an off-hand manner, write to PALS.

carole x

Thanks Carole,

I did intend to take list but left it too late.

I’m very negative at the moment and can only see fault in everything. I feel like I’m back to square one before diagnosis which totally drained me.

I think I will complain about the missing report and referral,hopefully they will look into it and get answers where I failed

Thanks christine