meds for pain

hi all again,


can you also advise on possible pain meds for muscular skeletol pain?

ty in advance


Anna x

There are loads, but the best ones vary by person and by the exact problem they are having. If it's spasticity then the main one's are baclofen, tizanidine and Sativex. If it's a "normal", not MS, problem then an anti-inflammatory might help (e.g. diclofenac) or painkillers like co-codamol, tramadol, etc.

If you aren't sure what's actually causing your pain, then the best people to talk to are your GP and/or a neurophysio. Once you know what the cause is, you will be able to work out the right type of med.

Karen x

A high dose vitamin d3 will help with pain - as will magnesium and omega 3.These supplements will actually do some good - and not just mask the pain. So not a 'quick fix'.