Hello all,

Have just taken my first dosage of 500mg of medrone oral tablets for my current relapse however as soon as I took them I have vomited.

not sure if this is normal or if it could be the taste that didn’t agree but would they still work if I have thrown up shortly after?

Feeling a bit lost. Thanks x

Hi Grimmi

Sorry you not feeling well on medrone. When I took medrone for 5 days it gave me really bad indigestion and constipation. I’ve not had vomiting before on it. I guess you might have vomited the tablet.

You could dial the 111 NHS number number today. They will probably get a doctor or paramedic to call you back and advise you.

Hello grimmi,that’s not a good thing.Some things to consider:are you boy or girl,how heavy are you,are you on any other medication,did you swallow the vile tasting thing with something nice tasting,are you going to take the rest of the suggested course of Medrone,at the prescribed dosage?

Just a few things to consider

Good luck, Wb <(L)>

Thanks for the replies - spoken with my MS nurse who said that although it’s not normal, to not take anymore today and to give it a go again tomorrow.

i am a woman, average weight (not sure precisely but have been told BMI ideal at drs) on copaxone and Sertraline which I’ve just reduced to 50mg daily. I took the pills with fruit squash after porridge but clearly just didn’t agree with me! It’s been suggested that I try to take the tablets with jam or fruit juice to mask the taste!

Will see see how it goes tomorrow!

Thanks again! X