Hi folks hope your as good as can be

I recall a thread a few weeks ago about medinet the people who are supplying consultant to help shorten waiting lists

Particularly here in Scotland this is my experience so far

Back in 2013 July I was told I had ppms the consultant who was standing in for my consultant said there was something I

Could probably have that might help slow things down and was told I would be seen yearly in December I saw a registrar

Who wasn’t much use appointment was made for following December 2014 and that consultant would be in touch.

In November 2014 I received a letter from the head of neurology and Ms department at our big hospital telling me that my appointment had been cancelled due to consultant retiring and I would get a new appointment when new man found

Meantime if necessary he would see me I spoke with my gp who thought things were quite stable.

November 2015 I asked gp if I could see neurologist as things are lot worse he looked up system and told me I had been discharged and would need to start again.

Within two weeks I was given an appoint meet to see medinet neurologist at big hospital bang on time he appeared shoock

Hands he told me he had read my notes said there was a lot going on he asked a lot off question’s did a full examination

Blood tests and said he would order some nerve tests etc today I received an appointment for a mri scan next Saturday

He didnt mention ms or any thing else at all, He also said I would get a copy off all results .

So so far so good will I get back in the system ?

Sorry for rambling on george

Not bad going George.

Lets hear it for medinet!


This is one consult with no results yet as I said will I get back into the system or will I stay with this lot who are actually nhs people doing a homer for I suspect a lot off money.

I just want answers to my health symptoms with a bit of honesty .

I’m also in a Scotland and under the Medinet system. Medinet is a bit of a sore subject with me at present. I will spare you the details but I’ve had to get a patient liaison officer involved.

In an attempt to answer your question, there is no automatic kickback into the local NHS system as I understand it. I’ve been told that I am a Medinet patient. My local NHS neurology department has very bluntly told me as much. I will remain a Medinet patient until diagnosis, or discharge. Upon diagnosis, the Medinet doctor, would then refer me back to my local NHS trust, and the relevant department for further treatment. Of course, how long will it take for diagnosis? I could potentially be under Medinet for years.

My advice would be to stay on top of Medinet at every step. I’m still waiting for them to reveal the results of my MRI, which they have had for over a week now. There are no reassurances, when the results of a test I had done 10 minutes away from my home, has to be sent to Birmingham, to be further sent to South Devon, to be reviewed by a doctor there, for him to contact Medinet in Birmingham again, for them contact my NHS hospital to make further appointments to discuss my health with me. It’s a nonsense, but unfortunately there is no alternative.

I wish you luck.

Thanks for replying dunfermlipop it’s not the best position to be in I have a mri on Saturday should have result in two weeks

As you should have result after two weeks from your tests

Your gp should have access to your test results through Internet.

If you have to much hassle with them have a word with wullie rennie he will likely be your msp

All the best george