The medication available for MS do you take it every day or just when you have an attack? My neuro said he could keep me stable but i am not getting my hopes up, i don’t see him again until the 2nd of January.

The only medication I’ve heard about is the DMD’s. And it depends on which one your given as to how it is taken. I know that isn’t much of help, but on the society website they have a section about DMD and how they work. Individually they are all different and they’ve all got a section.

Sorry I couldn’t be of much help to you.

Tsuki xx

Hi Zipster There are MS meds to help manage symptoms such as meds for bladder, bowel, spasms etc. Usually taken at least once a day You can qualify for DMDs if you have RRMS and have had 2 significant events I.e relapses. DMDs are supposed to slow disease progression and reduce relapse rate. I am on Rebif and inject three times a week Hope this helps Min xx