Hi, I have been tested for ms and told I do not have the indicators albeit many of the symptoms. I remain undiagnosed,with the only descriptor being,‘a rare and complex auto immune disease’ my symptoms are treated as and when they occur,they never go away but i do have flare Ups and periods of stability. Currently pericarditis,pleurisy,uveitis,muscle spasms,vertigo,left side numbness and pins and needles. My medication is prednisolone,which has just vastly increased to five times my usual dose to deal with the inflammation in my heart,celebrex,pregablin,ciclosporin,cellcept,calcium,folic acid,omerprezole,plus eye drops. The steroid increased in last few days and is affecting my mood,calm,disengaged,distant,dont want to speak,cant sleep. I just wondered if anyone else shared my symptoms,condition and/or medication to offer alittle better understanding from a fellow sufferers perspective. Many thanks