I have at the moment a lot of pain in my hip I have a prescription of cocodamol 500/30 from the doctor for my back but even though I take this every day it doesn’t take away my hip pain. At the moment it’s pain in my hip knees and ankle but mostly my hip. I also have trouble when I fall, it’s very hard to get up again, has anybody else have the same problem. This is one thing along with many more that I didn’t tell the doctor as I didn’t know why I was going there so I didn’t write a list down of my problems. Also I don’t know very much about the symptoms of MS. I have double vision pain in my hip I get dizzy and light headed and feel very unsteady on my legs although you wouldn’t think so as I walk well and try not to limp even though i sometimes i can’t help it. Any words of wisdom.


hi kay

you need to start a diary of your aches and pains, useful when you see the GP and also when you see the neuro.

maybe you need to see a neurological physiotherapist, your ms nurse can refer you to one.

tell the nurse about the double vision.

start writing that shopping list for when you speak to him/her.

i can’t get up from the floor.

even bending down to look in my pan cupboard is dodgy.

ah well, worse happens at sea!!

carole x

Thank for the advice about the diary. I don’t have a ms nurse as I haven’t been diagnosed yet or with something else but they say that I have white matter changes consistent to demyelinating disease, so I am in limbo land waiting for my lp and blood test. I also am keeping all my letters now so that I can look back at things. It is also to keep what’s happening to me from my family, not my mum as she knows but I have not told anybody else, we keep the hospital appointments and doctors on the fridge or the calendar. And so anyone can read it.

I know it’s not good looking at different web sites, as you can scare the Willie’s out of you. On the other hand I want to know what to ask and what things I need to do because at the moment I don’t know what’s happening.

Just at the moment I would like to be free from pain in my hip, I am used to having dizzy spells when I stand up I have had them a lot worse, the jerks have lessened. Plus today is not a very good day, my dad died this time last year so we are all a bit down, it has come round so quick though.

What I have so far worked out is that it’s the not knowing and the waiting for appointments then the review because you think everything in a bad light when it might be nothing and my next appointment with the neurologist isn’t until April the 10th 2019.

I had a head MRI in August so the neurologist said he wants the next one in February so they will also do the blood test. Meanwhile I have a well woman test at my doctors in the next month or two so my blood will be taken and tested at that time.