Medical jargon

Hi I am going through diagnosis and this week received letter following MIR on brain, neck and spine with contrast stating I had multiple foci of high signal abnormality in keeping with demyelination and multiple foci in the thoracic cord. No evidence of contrast enhancement. No mention of any further test and my consultant will review me in clinic…my consultant had already discussed MS with me following my first scan and my clinical symptoms. I’m expecting him to confirm MS and believe it or not I think I’ve got my head round it and will not let this disease dictate my life!!!

Hello Doris

Amazing that you have reached a place of taking no prisoners even before getting the official word.

Don’t be too surprised if you actually feel the diagnosis hits you like a brick to the head. Sometimes people know the diagnosis is coming but knowing it and hearing the words are sometimes a bit different.

Welcome to the forum anyway. Feel free to vent any positive or negative feelings on here. And/or ask questions once you have the formal diagnosis, including which subtype of MS the neurologist feels you fit into.


Thanks Sue…funny how yesterday I was feeling really positive but today completely different…balance is rubbish today thought I’d hid it quite well until my 15yr old son commented on it…feeling quite emotional now…

Not that I’m happy to be right, but it’s really not surprising your emotions are seesawing a bit just now. Don’t expect that a diagnosis is something that you can be ‘strong’ and positive over all of the time. Allow yourself a good bit of feeling sad and sorry for yourself (and your family as a diagnosis affects them too). And maybe a bit of anger and (internally at least) some really good swearing about the fates that have led you here.

By no means are we all accepting, vowing MS won’t win or remaining positive. Even after years I sometimes can’t quite believe this has happened to me.

Give yourself some time. And keep talking, either to family and friends, or (of course) to us.