Medical cannabis

For those that are interested in the status of medical cannabis around the world. Poland have just legalised medical cannabis for, amongst other things, MS. We, as a country, must be getting closer now, surely? One day our leaders will take their collective heads out of the sand, please xx


medical cannabis has the high removed so what are they still spouting the war on drugs for.

they aren’t that bright.

They are bulls at heart and ill and disabled people are a minority with little of a voice so they like to try and make our life a misery.but we must still keep on at them for what we deserve .

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Hello there, just as a piece of information, cannabis has always been used medically and it wasn’t until the 1930s, thanks to Harry J Anslinger, that cannabis started to be demonised as the Devil’s Weed; with all sorts of labels and lies attached to it.

The term Medical Cannabis is simply to get away from the tabloid catch-all label of Skunk. The term Skunk is used for cannabis strains that are high in THC and there are hundreds of other strains that have a different THC/CBD/CBN/compound ratio.

Take Sativex, for example, GW simply used a strain that has the same % of THC as CBD; and CBD naturally counteracts the psychoactive side of THC - thereby reducing the high and still giving you the medical effects of the plant without you being “high”. They do not remove or add to the plant, they simply use a plant that gives them the ratios of THC and CBD that they require.

There’s another strain used for children with Dravet’s syndrome, called Charlotte’s Web (it’s named after the young girl that first used it in Colorado), that has virtually no THC and is loaded with CBD; it’s administered as an oil on a teaspoon and the results have to be seen to be believed.

All I’m trying to say is that there are many different strains of cannabis that have the capability of offering many different uses.

Take care.

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Poland also decided to legalize medical marijuana? Wow, unexpected. But it’s cool. Finally, the government realized that many people just need to take medical marijuana. I just sometimes don’t understand the policy of the government in different countries about cannabis. Some people really need medical marijuana, and many countries offer people pills instead of this drug. At one time, I lived in a country which such policy, and because of this, I couldn’t cope with my nervous breakdowns. Only when I moved to Canada and found(removed by moderator), then I was able to heal my nerves.

You can get it legally in the Uk but very few people have. My cousin does and he believes that He is the 5th person in the country.