Medical assesssment tomorrow

Hubby going to medical assessment with Atos tomorrow.

this is the second one, last was at the end of 2015 and claim went right up to tribunal before he was awarded PIP for care, awarded until this April. The medical report by the health professional was full of errors/ untruths … I am differently going to ask their professional back ground and knowledge of MS . Also thought I would take notes during the interview as I am sure they will not agreed to the session being recorded.

any suggestion or general advise welcomed

Good luck chuck and you tell em!


my ATOS assessor just plain invented parts of her report.

i’ll make it clear that i disagree when at tribunal.

she said i was dressed casually (in pajamas and dressing gown) that i appeared clean and well kempt (that’s a first).

that i spoke eloquently and had a good grasp of sequence.

that i had no trouble standing from sitting (really?)

just a load of bollox really.

just take it as it comes and make a request for mandatory reconsideration if you don’t get the right award.

good luck

Mitch, they do allow audio recording, but it has to be arranged at least three weeks in advance.

‘Disability Rights UK’ have some info here…

Like your husband, I once won an appeal against an Atos decision, but it took ten months!


Oh my gosh she sounds exactly like mine! Clear made up half her report, grr, my man was here for the assessment and he couldn’t believe the lies she told, he wrote a letter pointing them all out, eek!

  • I’ve done the mandatory reconsideration, just waiting to hear. It was 10 pages long(!) and I included photographs of all the adaptations to my property. We took a lot of advice from that site that everyone recommends and made sure we worded and compiled it in exactly the format they suggested.

Crossed fingers now!

I’m out with the audio then, buggers have only given me an appointment which is in 2 weeks time, only came through tues, exactly a fortnight to the day the letter arrived, swines. Good luck today, let us know how you get on Tracey