Medic alert bracelet

Hi everyone,

I currently take a minimum of four prescription drug medications every day. I think I need a medic alert bracelet or necklace.

Now, I know the idea is that they’re supposed to be obvious but sadly I want something that’s fashionable.

I don’t mind if it’s bracelet or pendant but just don’t want to look like a walking patient- I know I should be grateful that I’m able to walk at all or often like a drunk without beer but their it is.

All suggestions welcome, I started researching on the Web but guess the knowledge is already here.



There is a company called SOS Talisman. They sell bracelets or pendants. The bracelets look a little seventies. The pendants come with different motifs on. They unscrew and your details are on the bit of paper in side. Write small. They remind me of the old cassette inlays you could never put back right… I’ve engraved id bracelets before with details and medicines on them. St Christophers too.

I have a medicalert bracelet. Look at their website, there are a number of options, some of which are reasonably fashionable. Not cheap though.

My mother has epilepsy, so has one styled like a watch. The top has the medical alert symbol engraved and unscrews to reveal a small piece of paper. She’s typed her info quite small and put it inside, so its easy to read, and to change if her meds etc change. She’s had a lot of changes over the years, so hasn’t had to pay out for a new one each time - she just changes the bit of paper. Might be worth bearing that in mind!