Hi, I’m currently reading “Diet for a New America” by John Robbins. It’s quite an old book (1987) and goes on about the horrors of factory farming. I discovered a while ago that eating meat absolutely wipes me out. The amount of energy my body uses to digest it leaves me unable to walk. I’m now almost vegan - I don’t eat any animal products, including dairy and eggs, and I don’t eat gluten either. I occasionally eat fish or seafood. Today on the telly was an advert for a new burger, and all I could think about was how the cows had probably been treated and slaughtered in order to feed our addiction to junk food. This is a really good book for those who have the stomach for it. I changed my diet for my health. My conscience is now catching up. Heather

Hi, im glad youve found what types of food make you feel worse or better.

I have often wondered what vegans do eat.

Care to list them for me please?



I prefer a vegetarian diet and eat meat about once a week just for protien. To me it is tastier then a plate of meat and just be invenive with sauces. Not very keen on potoes but any other veg is good. Beans are good to a source of protien but a bit hard on the digestive tract if you know what I mean lol.

Graf aka Rick


Hi Heather,

I’ve been a vegetarian since the age of 9 (I’m 32 now but always been a hippy tree hugger type)

My partner is a meat eater but obviously for ease at meal times he pretty much is vegetarian too. In fact the poor bloke has for whatever reason only ever had vegetarian girlfriends (don’t know why he finds us so appealing!! must be wierd fetish of his!!). However I am the one who buys the meat he does eat, and for a number of reasons I only buy British meat. Try very to go free range organic too, One reason is my father is a farmer and you’ve gotta support your folks, but another reason is that Britain has the highest animal welfare standards concerning livestock rearing and slaughter.

It honestly scares me what I see people around me eat, I’m not preachy about it cos at the end of the day its up to them, but a microwavable burger!? I can’t think of anything worse