Mean man

Have you ever tried crossing a road and no one will stop? Yes they all see you in your wheelchair and it’s the safest place you could pick but they keep coming…The lady next to me crossed because for a normal walking person it was safe but not for me, I don’t like taking chances . I waited and waited and waited with Molly and Frazet and then I got fed up so as the road my side cleared I ventured across. The man on the opposite side had plenty of time to break and he did as I held my hand up in a stop sign …but the look he gave me was awful as he held his hands up in the air in disbelief that I had the nerve to stop him so Molly, Frazer and I could get across safely…What is wrong with people ?..He wasn’t young either, he was an old grumpy man with his wife. I mouthed back “I’m a person too” why did it upset me ??? Im not sure, but it did I felt sad , just because we are in wheelchairs doesn’t mean that we are worthless or second class. It’s hard enough going places with Molly, being affected by autism means that I have to be extra safe and think for her too. Rant over . Michelle and Frazer xx

hi shelly some people have sht for brains! i’m not a wheelchair user yet but just crossing the road outside my house is like a date with death. the worse thing is when they speed up to see if i can get across before they wipe me out. honestly don’t give the sfb (Sht for brains) headroom. he’s the one with a problem. pity they don’t have visible identification. don’t let the mean people stop you. carole x


Morning that nasty man was terrible. I live in Cornwall and i have to say people down here are really considerate. I too am confined to a wheelchair and when trying to cross a road its quite normal for drivers to stop to let you cross safely. Also when im out with friend who is also in a wheelchair we usually get a jaunty ‘morning ladies’, and i love that

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Hi Michelle

There’s always one, don’t let that person upset you, rise above them you have as much right as they do.

Mostly people are considerate and allow us wheelchair users to cross safely, but it’s people like that will never change.

Take care, rain here today and quite cold as well.

Pam x

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You’re a star Michelle. Hang in there, karma is coming. Have a smooth day & keep it real. There’s problems with folks. I’m Terryfied crossing the roads too.

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Hello Michelle.

I could use a range of expletives that would make a docker blush.

Obviously, some people are far more important than us.

I went from Euston to Charing Cross yesterday on my way home. The traffic was ridiculous but nobody gave me stick for crossing in front of them. I know you have to be careful with your daughter and in the smaller towns of the UK, hold-ups are seen as personal effrontery.

But there is one in every village.

Take care.

Steve x woof

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Aww thanks everyone. Most people are lovely but you will always get one. Molly cheered me up she’s so funny and often says odd things to people. The poor guy at morrisons check out got asked if he was a girl or a boy …because as Molly kindly told him he had a girls voice. Now he could have been offended…but he was lovely and didn’t mind at all. I’m sat out in the sun this afternoon with Frazer. We’ve gone away to stay in a cottage while the men get on with making the dormers, messy work but will be worth it when it’s done . It’s a lovely cottage not far from home but ideal for Molly she is off school this week and wouldn’t cope with workmen or rather they probably wouldn’t cope with Molly . The last electrician got asked if he’d ever had diarrhoea, along with a load of other intrusive questions . She gorgeous though and sees the world through her own eyes and is always honest . She made me cry the other day when the man was mean , she said “don’t worry Mitch you are unique but you just don’t know it”. She never calls me mum she hasn’t done for years , just Mitch , I don’t mind we have such a lovely relationship when she’s in a happy mood. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Michelle & Frazer,

Oh that’s great that you’re at the Cottage now I hope you all have a lovely relaxing time and the weather stays manageable for you.

Aww, bless Molly she sounds lovely, how old is she now? Oh, and she’s right Michelle you are unique and best of all you’re Molly’s Mum :slight_smile:

Take Care

Twinkle Toes x

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