Me again ..2 quick questions

How long do you fiind steroids take to kick in? Also what helps witb leg stiffness/ numbness…any tips Thanks

Hi, like most things, it varies as to how quickly steroids kick in.

Baclofen is a good drug for loose into up stiff legs.

It’s dosage has to be increased gradually.


Steroids = great big question mark. Sometimes they work quickly, other times slowly or even, not at all. Ive always thought IV steroids work better than oral.

And it doesn’t even matter what they did last time you took them. It can be different each time.

It also makes a difference as to how early in a relapse you take the steroids, if in the first few days, chances are that whatever they’re going to do, they’ll do fast. But 3 months into a relapse, they may do nothing (& if it were me I wouldn’t take them that far into a relapse!)

And re stiffness / numbness, they are basically two different things. For stiffness, as Poll said, Baclofen is the normal option, starting slow and increasing gradually in case it adds to weakness. For numbness, there may not really be a good option. If you have an MS nurse, perhaps talk to him/her about the sensory and motor problems you have and see what answers you get.