Maybe light at end of tunnel

HI all ,Ive just got back from my back assesment ,iam being referred to a different hospital for a complete nurological assesment so i have come out of my appointment today feeling a bit better that things may be going in the right direction , but we all know just because 1 person is sympathtic and undertanding doesnt mean the next person will be , The lady i saw today agreed id been pushed from pillar to post and thats why she thinks it needs to be investigated properly ,so hoping the nuro is sympathtic like the lady today .Urology referred me back to same nuro as before so havebeen told ignore that letter when it comes and go to new hospital who will have my brain ,cervical spine and lumber spine mri s there for my first app , i really am hoping and praying this is the road to finding out what exactly is wrong .

Just thought id let you all know x

Hi hun, yeh I hope there is a diagnosis just round the corner for you too.

luv Pollx

I hope all goes well for you and you get all the answers you need. Wish all appointments were that straight forward.

Good luck

Min xx

Good luck with all that! Teresa xx

Thank you to all . hope next app is that straight forward ,

Does anyone know what a full nureological assesment intails ?