May not be MS

Hi everyone,

I went to see a neuro a while ago, he was late for my appointment and it was very rushed. He did some blood tests for MG…this is the second time i have been tested for that, the tests came back negative and i have a follow up appointment in May.

I just wanted to run through some of my symproms with you so that some of you may be able to comment on them.

Many years ago when i was pregnant i thought it looked foggy to me when other around me said it was a clear bright day. This happened again a couple of years later but it was night time i everything seemed really grey. Since then i can have problems seeing when its dark…it appears kind of hazy and foggy. I also have problems going from very bright lights or the sun into a dimmed room.Around this time i also lost the earing in my left ear.

I do have lots of weakness, pain and fatigue to muscles and find that i have a inner tremor when at rest.Recently i have been getiing blured vision, it does not last very long and causes no pain or discomfort as such.

I dont know what is going on and they may not be due to MS or any other neurological condition but i thought i would ask for your thoughts.



Hi Christine, it’s really difficult to say if your symptoms are due to MS. I understand that you want to know what’s happening, but really you’ll have to wait for your appointment in May to maybe get some answers. In the meantime keep a note of your symptoms & any new ones so you have an up to date report for the neuro.

Good luck

Rosina x

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Thanks… my fear is that i wont get the change to discuss my symptoms fully in May and then months have passed and im no further forward.

Yes, sorry to say that sometimes happens. Try to keep your list brief, not too much detail on it. Stand your ground & don’t be put off by the neuros manner, I know that some can be quite dismissive. Obviously your time with him is limited so keep your questions brief but you must also understand that MS, in particular, is very difficult to diagnose & your neuro will want you to have many more tests before he might tell you what his diagnosis is…it could be a long road ahead.

Try not to worry & good luck for your May appointment

Rosina x

Good advice, i will do my best…



Have you had a good eye test at all? In my experience, opticians are keen and give you a good examination if you tell them your fears and symptoms.