Hi there,
Am really struggling with my marriage. I’ve been shielding and still very covid cautious. I home educate my 6 year old and work from home when I can. My husband says he’s fed up of masking and I I longer wants to. I can’t understand how to be with this. I have been trying to protect myself and my daughter for so long, we got covid for the first time in March and my first symptom was and old relapse bring triggered again. I was absolutely broken. The only place we went was Tesco, masked, for 5 mins. But he seems to think it wasn’t that bad and we should get on with life. I just don’t know how he can put us at risk. Am I being unrealistic?

I understand your caution but think that, maybe, it’s time to get back into the world. Is your daughter missing out on playing with friends and are you and your husband living an isolated life? Are you and the family vaccinated?
All in all you all have lives to LIVE, not just to exist.

I am sorry that you’re struggling. It is hard, re-entering normal life after a spell of compulsory (now, in your case, self-imposed) retirement from the normal life. Once the official restrictions are removed, we all have to find our own path to giving ourselves permission to let go of restrictions that are now a matter of personal choice and habit than necessity. We are creatures of habit, and excessive risk aversion can become a habit as easily as anything else.
I think that it is quite normal to struggle a bit with this, and to need a bit of help to get over the anxiety of a difficult transition to a post-pandemic world.
I would suggest that you have a chat with your GP about how you are feeling.
It might be that you need some help with anxiety, or maybe talking to a trained counsellor to explore your fears and help you to come out the other side with renewed confidence. Please don’t feel offended by this suggestion. I’ve had anxiety myself, and counselling too, so I know it is not always easy to accept that one needs a bit of help here.

We have just returned from a week in Paris, took lil one to Disneyland. It was fine, I’m not scared of covid, there’s no anxiety about covid, it’s the after effects. Daughter is friends with a lot of homeed kids that have weekly meets, so I guess it’s worked out quite easily. I think this trip has helped in the sense that life goes on. I hadn’t relapsed in 5 years so the covid relapse was hard to handle. I did speak to my GP who reffered my to Healthy Minds. After an assessment with them, they concluded it was shock that would resolve with time.

The PPE masks were introduced to prevent YOU from infecting others, not the other way around!

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Give it up, they have never worked.

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I think you might object if your dentist or surgeon chose to treat you without a mask…to protect YOU.


Their masks are to prevent debris falling into their patients mouths/wounds. The covid con masks were only used to virtue signal, promote fear, and cause the wearer to get sick.
Hope you’re well Poppy.

Thanks Caraboy. I’m as well as ppms allows. The mask wearing during covid is a controversial matter and something I don’t have the inclination to debate. My oldest, dearest friend died from covid. Gone in ten days. Thankfully my family and I remain healthy. Enjoy the sunshine :sun_with_face:

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