Hello all

Is it just me or does anyone else dislike having to sit at the dinner table whilst others at the table are tapping away at their mobile phones or other similar devices? This is when I have asked several times that they please leave them alone at meal times. Surely it can’t be that difficult can it?

I think it is just bad manners. Am I wrong?


Have to agree with you Bill I find it annoying my two children are in their early 20’s but it seems to go in one ear and out the other

I get told im to old and grumpy thats the younger generation for you im afraid


Bill, I hate these mobile phones being used whilst people are walking (usually bumping into things because theyre taking no notice), whilst driving, and whilst Im talking to them. Its very rude and shows theyre not paying attention. Surely if a conversation cant wait then it has to be attended to out of the room and in privacy, not in a social setting, after all its supposed to be private and an individual thing, not something to be shared?

Dont ya just hate it when your in a crowd too and someone is speaking loudly to a machine. Bring back the old fashioned way of talking and making arrangements and not discussing whether one has been to the loo, eaten something, or is going to break up with their boyfriends. Its all sheer ignorance and very impolite.

I agree with you, its very antisocial.



Got to agree, even worse, people who take pictures of what they are about to eat to post on some anti social social networking site, updating their ‘status’ with ‘yummy!!!’ or something similar. We were on a table next to such a person, who also felt the need to completely rearrange the table and chairs, getting in the way of just about everyone…it was only a cake!

Alison x

Ha ha

There are certain people I know who spend every available minute of the day on ‘twit face’ I notice that they are agitated when they have to tear themselves away from it as if it has some hold over them and has altered their personality or something. Bit of a worry really.

I like your ‘Anti Social Networking’ remark, I’ll try to remember that one.



I was at a funeral once, stood at the graveside when someones phone rang, she rooted around in her handbag for a while and then answered the call without any consideration for where she was. Aaaaaaagh!


I couldn’t agree more. I think these new ‘smart’ phones are killing normal social interaction and the people who use them when in the company of others are just rude! I have one of these phones and I use Facebook but I would never dream of sitting in a social situation and use it, be it for a meal, the pub or just a cup of tea.

I went to birthday gathering at a friends house with about 10 others, almost everyone there couldn’t leave their phones alone! When my partner and I got home we said although it was quite a good night, there were times when it was quite horrible because everyone was that busy with thier phones, that no one was chatting. The next day I went on Facebook and their were loads of posts and pictures about the night. It looked and sounded like the most amazing party ever! I supposed you didn’t need to be there!



I also agree your comments

Oh how wonderful to see other people agree with my sentiments!

I am told I an old and don’t understand, no I am not? Just think I was brought up in a different generation with better manners. Once I had my family over for a meal. I could not put the meal on the table as there were so many phoned lying about! I got them all, put them in a basket and left them in the hallway. Now, I ask them to do the same when they visit.

Also, when I am speaking with someone and they are tapping away on their phone I just stop speaking until I get their attention again. They soon get the message. I am made to feel that I am being awkward but I don’t care. I want a return to better manners please.

The worl id so much noisier now. Just think how quiet it was when people had to go into a tel box to make their calls. Now we have to listen to every sordid detail, loudly. Even when people are alone they are noisy, talking into their phones. But interesting, can you get people to reply when there is an emergency? Never! How does that work then?