managing fatigue

We all have to endeavour to manage fatigue, also any medication dont work for me.

My brother is getting married next month and his future wife wanted to meet my aunt.

my brother and girlfriend dont drive so i suggest i took them, explained to brother that we had to leave at a certain time and he said more than happy as you are giving us the lift.

Then my sister who at the moment has been sending ignorant bullets at my brother and his girlfriend and recently me was told by her you looked after yourself and still you are knackered i drink like a fish and i am fine. So when planning our visit, said to brother not inviting sister as it put an hour on our journey brother said she doesnt need to go. However when sister found out she called and ranted on the phone i said it is not about you and she put the phone down think her husband has been winding her up like she has been doing to us recently a bit of can do it but cannot take it , however when she hung up i felt a sigh of relief as dont have to listen to her for a while

My dad died when i was 20 my brother was 11 and sister 13 i stept in to help my mum, but i found at the time even though i treated both equally sister still moaned if brother got anything but she is 49 thought she would have grown out of this and the fatigue that i now suffer from jumps in when she starts.

Hello Trish. That sounds like a right old do. Well done for standing your ground. And yes, she should know better. Does you sister not understand that you have a chronic condition which needs constant management? So if we need to be a bit precious about ourselves it’s for a very good reason. Hope you have a good time. Steve

Thanks steve Afraid she is too good at throwing insults but if anyone says anything she goes in a huff fraud I haven’t the energy for her at the moment was told last month by neurologist thar at 57 and having PPMS for thirteen years I would not be considered for any new trials I had an idea this would happen but still getting my head round it