Management Plan

Hi All I hope everybody is feeling as well as they can, I have just spoken to my ms nurse as after taking gabapentin for just around a month my symptons came back with a vengence. She suggested I up my dose which is something I do not wish to do as I do not like taking tablets. She did however suggest I rest more, I know I should but I find it so hard to do it when I have so much to do. Now though I really will and close the door on things which need to be done so I do not see it! She did however point out I should write down on a back of an envelope a plan for christmas as everybody knows it is always very busy! She was saying if I do not do this she can see me heading for a relapse on christmas eve which is something I obviously do not want. I really would like to know what action plans you have put together to help so I have some ideas on sorting mine out. Many thanks for you wonderful help as always. Karen

My pre Christmas plan is to get all my presents online and early, partly as I hate Christmas shopping but mainly as I am still off work sick and not capable. As for Christmas Day I’m honestly trying not to think about it, but it is probably a good idea what had been suggested. I have recently had to increase my gabapentin :frowning:

I’m not diagnosed and I did all my christmas shopping online and early. Tomorrow I’m making my christmas cards and sending them out early too.

I’ve got a diary of where I limit what I do each day and do what small list I manage and spread that across the week. So I still get everything I need done whilst managing a day or two of rest at the same time.

Hope that helps just a little bit. I know about not wanting to take tablets, I’m on 26 a day now and I don’t see it getting any better for the long run!

Tsuki xx