man up??

Good evening all, So sorry to moan but i am finding things really difficult at the moment. I have been back at work full time for the past 3 1/2 weeks and have already been signed off for the rest of the week with a chest infection. I am a teacher and so feel very guilty that yet again I am having to let someone else teach my kids not to mention the parents who pay for me to teach their kids (private school). I kinda knew it was coming because working full time in my school means 40+ hours a week actually in school, then work at weekends too… i was finding it very hard…going to bed at around 8pm each night…so basically working and sleeping…not much of a life. I have had an access to work assessment, although yet to get the actual report but the recommendations he said he was going to make would really help…another teaching assistant for 16hrs a week was one of them. Also at weekends, like most of us, i have the housework and shopping to sort out, my husband not being very helpful at all. I am feeling done in and like i just want to give up and just don’t really know where to turn. Should i ask to reduce my hours/give up my job and find something else? I feel like i just wanna go away by myself for a few days and really consider my future…it seems like it’s only now i am beginning to accept my dx in feb. My M.S hasn’t even been that bad compared to others.

Greetings,I don’t normally reply to posts that are outside my full stop of excellence,but what jumps off the page is your view on your husband.I have a raft of questions,but nothing you haven’t thought yourself,but maybe not that can you afford not to have him lounging around.Is he waiting for you to boot him out,rather than him have to go through the social disgrace of leaving his poorly wife.

I apologise if this is all a bit harsh,but he is upto something in his lethargy.

I hope you find a swift resolution to all your problems,

Wb x

hi emya

that was once me, stressful job, messy family and unhelpful husband

my advice is to get a cleaner (mine charges £10 per hour) and do your shopping online.

these won’t solve all your problems but might give you some time to move on.

by the way, i still have the messy family and unhelpful husband but i have taken medical retirement.

carole x

Hi emya Sorry to hear about your health not so good but have you got occupational health where you work? Im not sure how it works if you haven’t but rather than leaving couldnt you go for medical retirement ? I really hope you manage to sort something exhaustion is not good. Sparkly x