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Morning Awaiting DX had a bad 8 wks seem to be improving ( fingers crossed ) Brain MRI looks like I have a couple of attacks before ( didn’t ) know it atThe time … Anyway I’m 45 yrs old ,any men here dealing with similar and how do you cope

If i were you i would use the everday living board, it has more users.

Morning Gray, I am 46 and was diagnosed last September, but my first symptom was in 1994. I think from your previous post you are having problems with your vision and I know, from a recent bout of Internuclear ophthalmoplegia (INO, I am not spelling that again!) that eye synptoms are very scary. You say you seem to be improving, and this seems to be the way this goes, but when it is your eyes I know there is no respite from the symptoms other than sleep. I have been lucky in that my symptoms have been quite mild from the first symptom nearly 20 years ago until now. No one knows when the next relapse will come or what form it will take but, if you do have ms, hopefully the next relapse will be easier to cope with. How do I cope? Well, I suppose I have had a long time to come to terms with it, I have had various symptoms over then years and always thought it was ms, despite doctors telling me it wasn’t. When I look back over the last 20 years, the doctors, and I didn’t go often, telling me it wasn’t ms is the thing that makes me most angry. But, I am where I am, and it is what it is, I don’t want ms but I have got it so I just wait out each episode or relapse and wait for things to improve, and they usually do, for me anyway. When I started with the INO I was admitted to hospital and had 3 days of IV steroids, I wasn’t expecting to see an improvement quickly but I did, after 24 hours my vision felt much better and 3 weeks on is still improving. Still walk like a drunk if the ground is uneven but I don’t think anyone but me notices. So to finish, I know the first time this happens is very scary, particularly when eyes are involved but things usually slowly improve. Good luck and I hope you get some answers soon. And hopefully you can get out on the bike before the end of summer, if we have one.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply Your right first time I’ve had a relapse , although had a couple of bouts of just sore legs over the last 12 years ( took no notice of them ) so all a bit scary and have read endless stuff about men getting it severe quickly Just worried I will just go down hill from here If I can get through this will just feel more informed and ready for what this is going to throw at me Anyway thanks once again , really does help