Male problem - VIberect and ED

I noticed an advert for VIberect in New Pathways (MS-UK) magazine. It’s a sophisticated vibrator for men. Website says it enables 85 % of men with nerve damage to reach orgasm. Do you think it will work and does anyone have any experience of it? It costs £300, so a bit of a gamble! Gone anonymous - too embarrassed!


I use a hand held massager which cost around £30 and tablets called orgasm extra around £15 online - it is a combination that works for me!

I just googled it & saw an entertaining video on youtube, but that seemed to say it only helped get an erection, in which case why not just try Viagra? But then the website also says they do a free trial, so I guess you could always give it a go first to see if it works for you.


Seems a lot of money for what is only a vibrator. Why not try a normal vibrator first - at probably less then £30 - can be used on you and your partner - and could be just the ticket to get you both aroused. ln fact, why not have two - and use rechargable batteries.

Hate to think that companies are making big bucks out of someones disability - but it happens all the time. They do seem to prey on us.