Male problem (Nookie)

I am currently 'in limbo' and am hoping for some advice on a delicate matter, hence my 'anon' post. To put it bluntly, I'm too embarrassed to seek advice face to face.

I have not been able to reach orgasm for some time (1-2 months) although I am otherwise functional. I have no problem with sex drive or erection.

Could this symptom be a side effect of taking Pregabalin (300mg a day) long term?

I am reluctant to go to my GP as this is yet another symptom in a long line of problems. Could this be something significant or am I worrying unduly? What should I do?

I'm in the same situation as you. Orgasms disappeared about two years ago for me.
I consulted a urologist privately. Unfortunately, he couldn't help, other than to say, 'It might come back'.
I had thought that Pregablin or Amitriptyline might have been the problem, so I stopped all drugs. Didn't help.
It's probably my worst symptom.

I am in the same boat and spent some time looking into it, but basically it is part of MS although often made worse by medication. I am stopping Bachofen gradually to see if this helps. Thanks for your post as I have been waiting for someone to raise this subject. There is something called a retarded ejaculation which seems to be where the sperm is produced but not released but mixed with the urine, eghh! apparently cloudy urine is the result. This follows whats described as a dry orgasm. Peter


I'd settle for 'dry'!

Please post if you find a solution!


Hi John

I hope you don’t mind me replying seeing as I’m a gal not a guy but under the heading on here ‘what is MS?’. There is a section to do with women’s health. In this it talks about women being unable to achieve orgasm with MS. This may not just be a female preserve but just be another symptom of MS!

Thought I’d just flag this up - hope it helps a bit.

Teresa xx

My orgasms went MIA about 18 months ago,frustrating I know but its still a lot of fun looking for the bloodty things blush

same boat here along with impotence,doc told me could be helped by councelling,,it didnt work,must be part of the wonderfull world of MS

I experienced retrograde ejaculations for a few months but then came back to normal. However generally diminished sensation (not diagnosed) but could be diabetes.

I'm just about to start taking amantadine for fatigue. I have discovered that it is also used to treat difficult/absent orgasm - male or female.

I'll let you know what happens......or not!

I thought I my orgasm disappeared, it is due to MS, well no one has officially said, not that I have heard, but what I found helps is to spend a little more time in the foreplay area, and build up to it, and it does return, don't worry about as that just makes it harder (no pun intended).