Male injection to lower sperm count?

Is there such a thing?

Sunday night I went out, got a bit drunk and one thing led to another with someone. He said he didn’t need to use a condom because he has had a injection that lowers the sperm count, and the chances of me getting pregnant were slim. He said the injection lasts for 6 months and he has to go back in 3 weeks to have another. Is there such a thing for men? I don’t think there is as i’ve never heard of a male contraseptive. Anyway I insisted he used a condom,not only to prevent pregnancy but STI’s because he’s not a regular partner. Advise please

Thanks x

Five minutes with Google suggests there certainly has been research into this, so not as ludicrous as it sounds, BUT very unlikely to be at the stage where it’s licensed and available for prescription, and the only references I could find (OK, it was the Daily Mail ) say that it would need to be administered monthly, NOT every six months!

So basically, I’d say he was blagging - for his own selfish reasons. Even if he wasn’t, you did the safe thing to insist on a condom. Pregnancy isn’t the biggest and only risk! Besides, how much would you trust a contraceptive that supposedly lasts six months, but was just three weeks away from expiring? Bit dicey, so close to the limit, wouldn’t you think? Not sure why he wouldn’t just say he’d had the snip, though… A lot easier to believe!


Hi, so glad you insisted…no, pregnancy isnt the only reason to not use one!

Dont trust anyone`s word when it could be an untruth about something so serious.

In the heat of the momentit is easy to get carried away!


Wish, I’d met you on Sunday nite - i’ve had the snip anyway…


Wish, I’d met you on Sunday nite - i’ve had the snip anyway…

[/quote] What do you mean?

Redman is being naughty!



Redman is being naughty!


[/quote] Well he doesn’t know who I am :stuck_out_tongue: x

Oi Redman & Anon, less of that flirting please!!!

This is a serious forum for serious issues.

That reminds me - have you heard the one about … - I’ll post a thread

On a truly serious note, you were right to insist on the condom Anon - even if it was all true and he was also disease free - a slim chance is not zero.

Men - aren’t they such little dears!!!


Only joking anon - happily married man me - just wanted to lighten the mood…sorry for any offence caused…

oh hun - married men still flirt (usually over the phone) - thank god they do - I’m an engineer and obviously work in a male dominated environment and I get away with blue murder sometimes just with a little bit of a flirt,




Only joking anon - happily married man me - just wanted to lighten the mood…sorry for any offence caused…

[/quote] No offence taken

The only safe male contraceptive is 2 bricks.

Does it hurt?

Only if you get your thumbs in the way.


The rubber is always a good idea,for all of the reasons listed here.There may be a male contraceptive and to make sure it’s taken regularly they’ll be putting it in the beer.

I reckon you can relax as you did the right thing,and if he’s ‘up to snuff’ not a bad way to spend sunday night.A nice start to the week…BRAVO

Wb x

ps Thank you for reminding me of the kind of stuff that happened behind the scenes on the old PEN PALS board, back in the day

You were being responsible, he was being a total rat. End of story.


You did the right thing Anon. I’m just jealous that someone else is having fun :wink:

Tracey x

Wb - i remember the old penpals forum.

one chap i used to chat to disappeared and i worried about him for years.

hope he’s alright

That’s a shame,are you still looking for him? It was a fun place though

Wb x

What a line - he obviously thinks women are stupid enough to be taken in by his blag! Well done you for insisting on the condom! Teresa xx

If it’s not on, it’s not in…

You did the right thing to insist on a condom. Any male contraceptive is still a long way off and there is no injection that miraculously prevents STIs.