Making the most of the late summer!

The weather - apart from the occasional heavy downpour - has allowed me to get out and about on my trusty Tramper - the fields around me will be ploughed up soon - so its lovely to get round all the ‘stubble’. So we have been bumping our way all around them going from wheat stubble to oat to oil-seed rape. They have all been combined and the straw baled. Each field is a different shade of gold. Wheat and Oat being the best - Lots of tractors and trailers are gathering the different size bales.The straw is sold ‘on the field’ so the different purchasers have to load and collect it themselves - so there are several different types of tractors and trailers for the different size bales. l know that wheat straw is best for ‘animal bedding’ as oat straw is very scratchy and barley too soft. But l do not know what they use the rape-seed straw for its very stiff scratchy stuff - shall have to ask the tractor driver about it. l suppose it could be chopped up and added to animal feed for bulk - or even used for fuel. Roxy [ my dog] enjoyed running along beside me and then having a dip in the pond to cool off. She will sleep for hours now.

l have probably gone further on my scooter then l would have managed if ‘able-bodied’ - so my life does have some ‘up sides’.

And it does exercise me as well - balancing the handle-bars - and keeping it steady with my legs - as l do speed along and bump up and down banks etc. Bit like a scramble bike. [Not to mention the workout my busty substances get with all the bump and grind]

Now l shall take dear Bruno out for a slow plod round the grassy paddock - as he does not like to be left out.

The ‘chicks’ now 4weeks old - are growing fast - lots of adult brown feathers. The one l named Polly - is now called HP - as she likes to perch up higher then the others. So she is now HP - Hire Purchase. They rush up to me and l can easily pick them up - they must think l am their mum.


Thanks Campion… I really loved reading that. Living in middle of London I do sometimes think how much I’d like to be in the country. Your writing is so good that I could picture it all.

I did manage a short walk down the street and then I sat in garden for a while. Cool and sunny. It does seem that Autumn has come in very quickly. Trees around me are already turning… but then it is September. Seems like summer went too quickly.

Pat x


l have managed to wobble round the garden with my new rollator - l find l can get to places that l have not managed to for a long time - Picked lots of runner beans and french beans and the massive courgettes that now look like marrows. Before getting the rollator - l would find myself down the garden thinking ‘‘Now how to l get back to the house’’ - you know that sinking feeling when you know your legs are collapsing on you and all you want is to sit down. l can even carry a watering can in the basket bit - and get to some of the tubs that need watering. l am going to try a visit to the library with it - as l stopped going as l found it difficult trying to look at books and hold onto a walking stick. The rollator - l can put purse/keys/glasses/books all in the basket - and sit on it to read.

Some friends bought me a Kobo Ereader - which l still have not learnt how to use - l do just like the ‘feel’ of a book - prefably hard back.