Maintenance dose antibiotics

Hi i have been on maintenance dose antibiotics for years now whilst using intermittent catheters and over the last year or so… keep getting candida infections… does this happen to anyone else?

I am thinking of coming off the antibiotics, i am aware some people self medicate to keep infections at bay!!! any advice would be most welcome…

Thanks in anticipation


Do make sure you also taking a good pre-probiotic to help against the anti-biotics. You need plenty of the good guys - anti-b’s are indiscriminate - they kill all. Candida causes lots symptoms very similar to MS. l have been following a anti-candida self help - from

To keep your bladder healthier try D-Mannose. And also apple cider vinegar. lt is alkaline - corrects the ‘ph’ in the urine and helps against infection. 2tablespoons of ACV in water with honey - will help. Use ACV in salad dressings - on your ‘chips’ etc - it is much nicer than malt vinegar anyway. Eating lots of celery is supposed to help as well.

The caffeine in coffee/tea/chocolate/coke will irritate the bladder leaving it more susceptible to infection.

l have a SPC - supra-pubic-catheter - over 20yrs now. And l very rarely get an infection.