Maiden Voyage!

Well I did it…

Went really well. Best thing was that normally I would go with walker and be exhausted… but was lovely in wheelie.

Got London cabs both ways (I have a discount card) and cabbies were both lovely… I was going to get out of w.chair but the 1st one said ‘Just stay where you are love’ and pushed me on wheelchair into cab.

At the hospital I wouldn’t normally go for a cup of tea as that’s yet another long and slow walk… but as we were early I said to carer to push us down to the cafe for a cuppa.

Lovely carer. An Irish woman who works for a few residents here. Very nice and kind and we had a good chat and a laugh.

Was with bowel nurse for an hour! Have learnt a massage technique to help get things moving! And lots of talk about diet, liquid intake etc etc. Also… here’s a good tip… to put your feet up on a footstall whilst on loo so knees are higher than hips. Apparently this is better position for the bowel movement…

Then another lovely cabbie on way home.

Really it felt fine. I even managed to self-propel a bit (I’m talking wheelie here… not bowels!!!).

Feels good that my Maiden Voyage went so well (thanks for giving my first trip lovely name Poll).

Thanks all of you gorgeous gang for being so supportive.

And so to bed… tired but happy!

Pat xxx

Hi Pat So pleased your 1st trip In wheelie was successful. That’s important for next time to know it went well. You must be exhausted now so get a good rest and ready to put those bowels into play tomorrow eh??? Linda x

Hi Pat Really pleased that your trip was so successful - both on the wheelie front and the bowel front! It sounds like the wheelie made your life a lot easier than it would normally be which is brilliant. The cabbies sounded wonderful too - helpful and caring. A good day all round. Sleep well! Teresa xx

Hi pat, glad to hear your first trip out with your wheels went well. Tim

Hi Pat, So pleased all went well on the " maiden voyage "! Where to next time, somewhere nice I hope ? Take care, Nina x

Well done Pat, I like the tip! I nibble All Bran like a snack and sip water as if it’s a g/t with ice and a slice of lemon/lime. So glad everything went wellM

Thank you everyone!

Having a quiet day today… cream crackered!

M, she did say drinking lots of water is the best thing you can do.

Have a good one everyone,

Pat x (Grey and wet in London)

I miss read that comment seeing ‘is that the best you can do’! It wouldn’t be water BUT that truly ‘is the best thing you can do’ Hope you have a day M

Hi Pat

So glad it went well for you in your wheelie, told you it would make

your life easier…have wheels will travel.

Take it easy now, and you can look forward to your next trip out.

Pam x