Madeira holiday booked - there is hope, no matter how bad a relapse can be!!

Hi everyone

Today we have just booked a holiday to Madeira, for later on in the year! I’m so happy!

BUT, I am not writing this post to show off - my intention is to give hope to all of you that have had or are having a bad time of it at presnet.

I have RRMS and had a really bad time last year from Jan onwards until I finally stopped relapsing every 3/4 weeks in August when I changed from being on Copaxone (which had suited me well for 3 years) to having Tysabri infusions.

At my worse I could not even sit up unaided, let alone stand unaided. The fatigue was unbelievably over powering, my vision was affected greatly and I ended up having to use a wheel chair. We had to cancel a holiday to Madeira to celebrate out Silver Wedding Anniversary and I didn’t think I would ever be able to leave the house again for a day let alone go away for a couple of days, because of how ill I was.

But, I want to give everyone hope by saying I did gradually improve and ovetime became stronger. I very rairly use my wheelchair (only for great distances) now and feel confident to be able to go on holiday. I hope that my condition continues to be as good and realise that it can change at any minute, but I feel posotive and am now looking forward to doing what I wanted to do a year ago.

I realise that some are not as lucky as myself, but I believe if its posssible, you should do what you can when you can do it - don’t put things off and enjoy life when you can.

All the best to all of you - wishing you well.

Equus X