M.S ?

Hi all,I’m new to all this,a brief run down of health conditions.Epilepsy (front left temporal lobe.Audiogenic).Left blocked branch bundle (heart).Spine complication (wedge fracture T4-5 compression L12-13, Spondylitis,Osteoarthritis.

I’ve been diagnosed with Epilepsy 6 years now following an MRI scan, I had an actual seizure under the scanner,in the last 2 years I have noticed I seem to be having 2 separate types of seizures the one as above Audiogenic the second type starts with verticles appearing slanted to the left followed by a feeling of dizziness this tends to lead to gone out sessions and a feeling of being closely watched this then goes into a stumbling mode,it feels like my left leg wants to drag and often I trip and become very clumsy and loose hand coordinance .I get some type of frosted spot at the centre of my vision and find it very hard to swallow.It seems now I suffer UTI’s that do respond to antibiotics, I also in the last 6 months after walking around 100yds to say get cramps would be a vast understatement.This is no rant or sympathy trip I am just after some advice as could this be M.S,I have a Neuro appointment regarding the Epilepsy and do intend asking about M.S.

Thanks for reading this long and rambling post but I am trying to find some answers.Jim.

Hi Jim,

Welcome to the forum.

I think some of your symptoms might appear to be MS but then MS symptoms are so varied and you have quite a few things going on. I think you’ll have to wait find out what the neuro (expert) thinks.

Hope you get answers soon.


Hi Mark.

Thanks for the return post and sorry for the late response but we’ve had a bit of a flap on,on my last visit to my Docs the blood test came back reading a platelets count wrong.My Doc has recommended a 3T brain scan pending a Lumber Puncture,my Neuro appointment is set for mid Sept and the Doc is trying to get it earlier if possible.

Hope all is well with you.