M.s on brain and spine

Hi im craig and new to this site. Ive got m.s on my spine and brain. Ive had it for 3 years now and im stage 2.
I feel it every minute of every day from my ribs popping out to losing my hearing to just not being able to walk.
But for the past year ive fallen in love with the best woman ive ever known. We are getting married and im planing on having a reversal so we can have a child Together. Yes life is hard every day. But all of u be strong be positive and fight this (removed by moderator)disease. Im starting my new medication at the end of may. 1 pill a day instead of an infection every 2 weeks that puts me in bed for 3 days after taking it.
Just hope the pills are better. M.s wont stop you being happy and in love its when u give up in yourself that allows the m.s to take over. Lets fight it all together and stay strong take care all of you love craig


Hi Craig, thankyou for such a lovely positive message.

My best wishes to you and your lady.


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Hi raiv

Good luck for your wedding hope it all goes well.

Stay positive.

Pam xx

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Thank you for the very kind words life is great never been happier. Take care and be true to yourselves dont let it rule you or control you. Grad it by the bulls and rule the m.s please