M. S hug

Can you have the “M. S hug” in other parts of your body other than the usual torso area, I recently had cold like symptoms of splitting head and aching all over, but now my thigh and stomach feel like the"M. S hug"

Yep ive had it on my leg and arms before aswell.

Thanks, I thought so, but I’ve never had it anywhere other than my torso, it feels really odd in my leg, I’ll just have to let it wear off, doh!!!

Yeah! The first time i had it was in my arms and legs. I had it " chest tightness " which i thought to be asthma but that was the ms hug aswell! Does the ms hug affect your breathing?

No, it’s never affected my breathing, I would speak to your M. S nurse (if you have one) or consultant, it could be that in some people it can affect their breathing, it is horrible and quite alarming when you first have the M. S hug,

I’ve had the ms hug a few time this year and it’s soooo painful but I also have the same painful spasms in a very strange area… Inside my lower pelvic area… I told my neurologist and he didn’t seem either surprised or shocked. When I get my ms nurse I’m going to discuss it further and see if I can do any thing to ease it when it happens. Karen