Lyrica and Tecfidera

Hello, I have just joined this group. I was diagnosed 17 years ago. Recently I’ve had quite an increase in symptoms and with the progression seen on the MRIs, I’ve started on tecfidera. At the same time, I was also put on Lyrica for the spasms. Has anyone else taken this combination? If you experienced side-effects, did they last long? I’ve had a drastic change in my thought process and have times of extreme confusion. I really thought I was losing my mind… Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Is it worth sticking it out until I adjust? Thanks

I don’t have personal experience of either of the drugs you’re on, but I’m sure many, many people with MS will have taken this combination.

Tecfidera is a relatively new but increasingly commonly prescribed DMD, whilst Lyrica (pregabalin) is a commonly prescribed drug for symptomatic relief of nerve pain.

I wouldn’t think there is any particular significance to be attached to the combination, as DMDs and symptom relief work in different ways, and have different goals, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a combination that interfere with one another.

That said, I’m not disputing your side-effects, but I think they’re most likely to come from one drug OR the other, and of the two, I think I’d be inclined to suspect the Lyrica.

I haven’t taken it, but I’ve tried its close relative, Gabapentin, and that did make me feel quite drunk and spacey for the first few days, and also every time after raising the dose. Unfortunately, apart from making me seem rather tipsy (for example, I kept dropping everything and then giggling), it did nothing for my symptoms whatsoever. I mostly took it to humour my neuro, so I could not be accused of not trying. But I never really believed the pain I was experiencing was nerve pain, so it didn’t surprise me nerve pain treatments didn’t help. I took it with a: “Hope I’m wrong, but I bet I’m not!” kind of attitude.

Neuro wasn’t put out about it. He asked: “How did you get on with that?”, I reported: “No help”, so he just said: “OK, we can forget about that one then.”


Thanks for your response, Tina. Sorry the Gabapentin didn’t work for you. I think the Lyrica has helped as the spasms aren’t as bad or pain the ribs. I seem to be fine for a couple days then I have a bad day with confusion and speech. It’s always hard to tell if things like this are the meds or just MS. I hope you have a great day!