Lymph drainage

Lymph drainage was suggested to me by someone who has MS and they were saying very good things about it.

has anyone tried this? If yes, can you share your experience.



Hi, reflexology helps…thing is when someone is immobile…like me…the lymph system needs movement to drain ie massage, whereas the heart pumps blood whether we move or not.



not yet but i am going to see what its all about next month!


lt is a specialised type of massage - and if you google it you can find out how to start doing self-massage. Dry brushing your body before a shower also helps. A long handled brush - stroking legs arms torso towards your heart. l expect there is a youtube video you can follow.

As Poll has said - reflexology also helps.


Had first session on Fri!

She left me instructions on how to do myself or carer to do. Too early to tell but the theory all sounds fabulous so time will tell. Gp gave me the OK to try it btw but as I have just said in another reply its working together that helps-not medical and ‘them’.


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