Lyme Disease can anyone help

I had the rash for Lyme disease doctor said it was it.I have had a blood test done just waiting results.Was put on Doxycillclin for three weeks,but after taking them for about a week i got a uti and was told to go on a different antibiotic to cure that and stop the medication for Lyme disease and restart it once I had finished the antibiotic for the uti.I have started back on the treatment for limes a few days ago,but I feel so tired I am getting flu like symptoms,I don’t know what is going on as I was feeling better.But the symptoms seem to be coming back.I was bitten originally by a insect.I have ms.I just feel so grotty.Any advise please.

From what I’ve read, Lyme’s disease can cause flu like symptoms, so my guess is that added to MS could be making you feel grotty. The treatment for Lyme’s should make you feel better.

Hoping you feel better soon.