luton airport

Hi all, has anyone travelled out of luton airport with assistance? last time i went to menorca from there the boarding gates were miles away… Tony…

Hi Tony,

I have not gone from Luton recently but did from Gatwick a few months ago.

We called the tavel company (Thomson) a few weeks before we flew, to ask for assistance and they were fantastic.

They can arrange transport for you to get about the airport, onto the plane etc.

Have a fab holiday!



All English airports have good facilities for the disabled, they will take you through security and onto the plane.

The facilities when you come back are not always as good. You can be stranded on the plane for anythying upto 20 minutes before assistance arrives. Once they have you then service is 100%.

If landing at Heathrow it can be worse, be warned

Don’t forget to notify them that you are disabled when buying ticket and reinforce the point at check-in when leaving country and when returning.

Have a good holiday,


Thanks. just need a bit of motivation! best regards To All… Tony.