Having had a long-standing chest infection and one cold after another since Christmas I decided to go for a swim this afternoon - kill or cure!

Got out after about 20 minutes and had a severe bout of coughing - brought up a load of phlegm etc. - eventually my chest felt clearer than it’s done for months.

It occurred to me that for the past few maybe the m.s. had affected my ability to fully expand my lungs and clear them.

It’s accepted that the bladder can be affected by m.s. and we may retain a bit of urine but could other organs such as lungs also be affected - even the heart?

hi krakowian

first of all, well done for going for a swim. deserves a medal in my book.

i know what you mean about feeling better once you’ve coughed a load of phlegm up.

have you tried yoga breathing? using the diaphragm to expel every last bit of air from the lungs.

it isn’t difficult after the first few tries.

maybe worth a go eh?

carole x

I used to forever be having colds before B.I. but since then nothing. Maybe I’m just lucky? Do have the flu jab every year though and where I live we do have more sunshine than most.

Ok, curiosity has got the better of me. Do you live down south or abroad maybe?


Swimming in the sea - usually clears the airways and lungs. lts the salt water. At Yoga - l was taught how to pour salt water up one nostril - then the other. lt clears all that mucus/phlegm out. Salt water is good allrounder for curing all sorts. Especially, if you use sea salt.


yes-anything can be affected depending where lesions are

then sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves get involved-i cant explain cos brain too muddled but it did make sense when it was explained to me years ago.

it is rare thankfully but it does happen.


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I don’t go swimming but the sea air is good for one’s health I’m sure. A new summer’s resolution will be to take walks on the promenade.