Lumber puncture

Well got my date for the dreaded puncture 2 weeks time Although dreading it , just want to get it over with ,final piece of the jigsaw for DX even though neuro says 95 % positive already . Then back to see him for way forward

Hi, good luck with it and hope it gives the required result.

Just remember to lie flat for as long as possible after, to avoid a headache from hell.

After a lying down period, they should let you sit up for a further period of time.

Dont be a hero and say you`re fine and get off home too quickly, yeh?

luv Pollx

Ha ha Sound like my wife , I’m very much I’m a bloke lets get out of here ! Only to be in agony later. Thanks I will listen to the advice ,this has humbled me somewhat lately. Thanks you Gray

Lol the LP doesnt hurt its the headache you get afterwards.