lumber puncture information

Happy Christmas everyone, I just needed some advice on lumber punctures please. My Neuro said I have to have one after Xmas, then she would start me on dmds, I am so scared about the side effects, as am a mum of little babies. I don’t know if I should have have it or not.

Hi I had no side effects at all , just sore back the next day. But I took everyone’s drunk plenty of caffeine based drinks and lay flat for the whole day. Take care Gray Happy Xmas


I had no side effects at all. Glad I had it done as the diagnosis was more definite than them just going on MRI results.

You will be fine so don’t worry.

Anyway, off to get the veggies done for xmas dinner. Have a lovely day everyone.

Shazzie xx

hi lisa

don’t worry because its just like an epidural.

so think of those mums who are “too posh to push”. if they can do it, you can!!!

lots of caffeine drinks and lots of water.

lie flat for several hours, then go home and straight onto the bed!!!

carole x

Hello Lisa

I had a lumbar puncture and had no problems. They kept me laying down for a couple of hours afterwards…with tea and biscuits then I was allowed home. Caffeine drinks are supposed to help with headaches. I was already suffering with daily headaches so it didn’t really concern me.

Can I just point out for the record Lisa. Your neuro may have said you have to have a lumbar puncture after xmas but the choice is actually yours…it is your body remember?? Its not definitive for ms but can help with the diagnosis.

Happy Christmas xxx

Hi Lisa, my neuro has suggested a LP too, but I am anxious about having one, seems a bit overwhelming. I have plenty of lesions and fit the MS criteria but the neuro said he can’t guarantee I have MS, I have been offered DMT’s though. Difficult one to decide on I know, As Blossom said its not definitive for MS.

Merry Xmas everyone I hope you all had a great day, thank you so much for your quick answers, but I’m still in two minds about it all, I’ve had a spinal tap for a c section before, and come away with a banging head, I have bad head pain 24 7 as an ms thing, and was worrying that I’m going to get a double whammy head ache, something I really don’t need. I can’t stay in bed for 24 hrs after as I’ve just had a baby that needs his mummy as well as my other two little ones, oh I really really don’t know what to do, is there anything it can find that an MRI can’t. Thank you again for listening to me go on and on about it all. Enjoy the rest of you Christmas everyone.

Hiya, mine failed after a few attempts as they couldn’t get the needle in the right place. I totally refused it again with no issues. I was still diagnosed from the mri and am on dmds. It’s your body hun so take your time deciding. Even if it is successful, the fluid can still give a negative reading. Good luck with whatever you decide x

OK, let’s try to take the emotion out of this.

A needle is inserted between two vertebrae and a sample of cerebro-spinal fluid taken.
If - in the lab - a certain marker (oligoclonal banding) is observed, then it is highly likely that the sample come from someone with MS. The reverse is not true - if the marker is not present then it does not mean that the sample did not come from someone with MS.

The “real deal” for an MS diagnosis is the McDonald Criteria. Look these up (they are all over the net) and you will see that they are a sort of additive process - the more indicators they can find, the more like it is that a Dx of MS will find.
Thus, the lumbar puncture is just one more indicator.
What it can be is the final conclusive bit of evidence before a Dx.

Now, if you don’t have MS, then you are not eligible for any of the DMDs.
But, if you do, and you meet the other criteria for a DMD, then the sooner you start the better. I could have started six months earlier, and I really wish I had - it might have meant at least three relapses less.

So, as the others have said, your body, your call.
But, you might want to think of the possibility of extending a better quality of life for a few more years as being worth it for a young mum.

And, by-the-way, I had an LP at age 70, and drove home afterward. You could be different - but asking the doc to wait a couple of minutes longer after giving the “local”, and staying flat and very still afterward can do wonders for your comfort. If you can get someone to come with you, it can be very good to have someone to talk to while you are laying flat on your back.


Well explained Doctorgeoff. Although I didn’t think I was that emotional…apart from mentioning tea and biscuits

I’m diagnosed with primary progressive, so don’t take DMDs.

Hi everyone I’m just here to say a big thankyou for all your messages, I’ve took it all on board and had a few days to think things over and decided to have it done, I want to get better. Thankyou Geoff for taking the time to Wright to me, It was very helpful… and kind of yourself. Many thanks to everyone lisa.

Hope it goes well Lisa. I am sure you will be fine.

Let us know how it goes.

Shazzie xx

I had a headache after my LP - but nowhere near as bad as one of my migraines! A few painkillers swallowed down with a caffeine drink sorted that out. I had some soreness where the doctor poked around finding the right place to put the needle in. For me, the worst bit was when the doctor stick the needle into my skin to inject the local anesthetic!