Lumber puncture- head aches 6 weeks later

I 'm newly diagnosed with SPMS any remitting / relapsing MS was not picked, as was the initial attack, now identified as happening some 28 years ago.

At the end of July, I had a lumber puncture as the MRI didn’t pick up any significant scaring. Analysis of the spinal fluid showed signs of the proteins from previous white blood cell activity.

i’m still getting head aches after the lumber puncture some 6 weeks ago. The head aches don’t go away when I lie down. If anything they are worse at night.

should I be worried? Or is this part of everyday life a SPMS person needs to accept!


ps male - almost 64


As far as I’m aware, the headache associated with LP develops fairly soon after the LP and disappears within a couple of weeks. But if you have been suffering for all these weeks, perhaps you should see your GP in the first instance.

Some people do suffer with nasty headaches as a symptom of MS. People who do get headaches typically take drugs like Co-codamol.

You could also ask your MS nurse for advice.

As far as whether you just have to accept it as part of SPMS, you should be aware that we don’t all share symptoms. In fact there are differences between everyone. So perhaps you and I might both have X symptom, but while I have Y, you don’t. (Etc)

Obviously, if you are likely to be seeing your neurologist in the near future, I’d bring it up with him/her.