lumbar puncture results


We are waiting on my wifes Lumbar puncture results,The consultant has said it’s to find out if another attack is likely( positive result ) Or if it’s not ( negative result) ,this is after MRI scans and numerous other tests,a total of 7 months so far. Results are with the consultant , he’s had them since end of last week just waiting for them to be sent out .Its taken months to get here and although its not me going through it i feel totally drained.

It affects everyone and it is a very very tough process to go through :frowning: If it’s any help, it does get easier with time and experience.

The lumbar puncture results are not conclusive, but a positive result on top of a single attack does increase the chances of a second attack.

I hope you get the news soon! Whichever way it goes, it’s one more step forward.

Karen x

Thanks for sharing your knowledge Karen. You seem to be the one in the know , keep it up ,it helps alot of people ,including me : )