lumbar puncture and steroid IV

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if any of you, have done a lumber puncture procedure during an IV steroid treatment?

I’m currently hospitalized for MS suspicion and getting 500mg solu-medrol per day (5 days and today was my first), and they want to do a lumbar puncture tomorrow. I’m very anxious that it cause risks and cause more damage than good and try I want to convice them to propstone the test when I’m done with the steroids …

I would like to hear if anybody has done it like that and your general opinion! Have a great week everybody xx

I was hospitalised too when I first had my symptoms, but my IV steroids had finished before they attempted my LP. I have no idea why or the benefits I’m afraid.

There is very little long term risk from having a lumbar puncture. It can be a very helpful diagnostic tool when other evidence is inconclusive. The procedure itself doesn’t hurt as the area is numbed first, you will need to lie flat afterwards for an hour or two to avoid a possible headache. Caffeine drinks can help keep the headache away too, plenty of coffee and coke. The area may be tender for a day or two but that’s all. You don’t have to have any procedure of you really feel it’s not for you. Best of luck and I hope you feel better soon. L

thanks for your replies you two!

the doctors here say it is important to have the LP as soon as possible and while I am hospitalized here. I’ve had two IV’s now and three more to go, and they want to do the LP today. I gotta say that I already feel a slight improvement with my symptomes though so I guess the steroids are working

I had my lp yesterday along with a battery of other tests. It is a relatively safe procedure and specially in the hands of an experienced dr. I did have some pain/ discomfort in my l butt cheek n leg n it has gone a bit numb after but nothing terrible. I do have a headache so not gone to work but this is expected post lp - particularly as I had a low opening pressure. I’m sticking with lying flat caffeine n water. I’ve been under a neuro for two years and didn’t go for lp last year as symptoms had gone. But with two more episodes of symptoms the neuro wanted to look for evidence to support ms as my previous MRI was inconclusive. So u don’t have to have an lp but in my case it might be the evidence we need along with any further MRI changes to diagnose. Good luck. Reemz Xxx

Well the doctors here really do insist for me to have the LP I don’t even imagine how would I refuse … I think it will be fine though, because I’m already hospitalizd so I would have all the nurses and doctors around me here anyway. They say it is important to have it in order to rule out other cases (my MRI only showed one lesion and another spot that they are not certain about)

They also said because I’m very skinny it should be easy to hit the right spot quickly haha!

I will stick to lying flat all day afterwards and drinking coffee, Thanks for the advice

Hi, I had the steroids when in hospital a few months back, and they held back from the lumbar puncture option, but did do a full spine and brain scan, which showed up demyelination areas. I had another scan recently which (apparently) showed some new inflammation and continuation of the previous. This I thought would be enough for a diagnosis, but my neuro has written to me saying he’d like me to have a lumbar puncture. I’m not so sure, as I’ve had two people say avoid it if poss cos of the pain and after-effects, and one person say it’s ok, but be careful of the after-effects. The lying flat idea sounds perfect!

thanks! i’m currently post the lp - had it 5 hours ago and it went okay. i’m trying to lay down as much as possible and drink plenty of fluids and caffeine. right now i feel perfectly fine! waiting for the results - i just know that the opening pressure was good and that the fluid was clear.

ugh, i’m fraking out here in the hospital. no matter what i tell myself, i can’t get that one thought out of my head - i am still expecting complications from the spinal tap :frowning:

nothing is bothering me so far but a little pain in my back… yet still i am waiting for the worse for some reason

i’ve googled stupid things and i came across horrible complications. i always do that …i have no self control at all

i have one more steroid IV to go and then i’m going to get oral ones for 10 days. no MS diagnosis so far, after i’m done with steroids they want me to have spinal MRI and a Visual evoked potentials test

well that is it. i had an urge to update and seek for some encouragement! :\

I had my lp on Monday and I’m still led flat - unable to stand for longer than few mins. I think I’ve just been unfortunate. Will see how I go today but if no better or worse will ring the neuro secretary for advice. The procedure itself went fine the doc was more than competent. Just luck of draw I guess. At least ur in hospital so can get help if u need it. Reemz X

reemz, i hope you will get better soon!!! are you taking any pain killers?

i’m being discharged soon and hopefully everything will remain fine at home. i’m dying to get the lp results. the IVSM hasn’t affected me very much unfortunately but maybe they will kick in later!

Good luck Reemz. Sorry to hear about your LP after-effects. Like you said, luck of the draw. Apparently it’s like removing liquid from a sprit-level, if that helps - can take a while to re-settle for some people. Ginger is good for balance problems. Good idea re Neuro nurse contact. Take care.

John :slight_smile: