Morning all. Got my appointment through for a lumber puncture.............15th August...........9.30am. Getting me up, showerd and dressed and through morning traffic  is gonna be a challenge. I did ask if they could make it a later time. No, they only do 9am or I`ll just have to do it.

I have a gut feeling it is going to come back normal. Still have to do it.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, glad you got a date. Yes is early... yet another thing people don't realise about disability... just how long it takes to get ready and out of the house!!!

Anyway love, gut feelings can be wrong. Just wait and see eh? 

Hope you're doing ok in heat. Was very humid in London last night. My hair and pillow were wet within about 10 mins of lying down. Horrid. I seem to get a hot head very easily! Not sure what that means...

Lots of love,

Pat x

Cheers Patty. No, I cant function much with this weather either. Dont like the cold, but think hot, muggy weather is worse for me.

luv Pollx


Oh Poll,


Fingers crossed luv; remember take a bendy straw; drink loads and lay flat for at least 3 hours after; see


95% of people with a definite diagnosis of MS exhibit oligoclonal bands on a spinal tap. This may sound impressive but so do 90% of people with Sub-Acute Sclerosing Panencephalitis and 100% of people with Herpes Simplex Encephalitis among other conditions. Positive spinal taps are indicative of an immunological response but they are not diagnostic for a particular condition. That 5% of PwMS do not exhibit oligoclonal banding means that spinal taps neither rule-in nor rule-out MS.


I’m not to sure but ask; I think if bands don’t show the first time they will never show?


Good luck darling